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Vegetable & Fruit: Cold Dishes

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“Caviar”Vegetable Day
July 4th Flag
American Flag Vegetable Day
Apple Chips (Moped Marge)Vegetable Day
Dried apple chips
Apple Chips (Trista) Vegetable Day
Asian cold noodles
Asian Cold Noodles Vegetable Day
Baby Bella Fajita Appetizer 2
Baby Bella Fajita AppetizerVegetable Day
Avocado Tart
Bess' Avocado TartVegetable Day
Butternut squash chips
Butternut Squash ChipsVegetable Day
Cauliflower tabouli
Cauliflower Tabouli Vegetable Day
Open Faced Sandwich
Cheri's Open Faced SandwichVegetable Day
Cheri’s Sushi Roll
Cheri's Sushi Roll Vegetable Day
Crudite and dip
Crudité And DipVegetable Day
Dried Apple Chips
Dried Apple Chips Vegetable Day
Veggie Crackers
Eggplant ChipsVegetable Day
Fresh Squeezed Lemonade
Fresh Squeezed Lemonade Vegetable Day
Veggie Skeleton
Halloween Veggie Skeleton Crudité And Dip Vegetable Day
Italian string beans
Italian String BeansVegetable Day
Jicama sticks and salsa
Jicama Sticks And SalsaVegetable Day
Jicama Tacos
Jicama Tacos Vegetable Day
July 4 Fruit Sparklers
July 4 Fruit Sparklers Vegetable Day
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