Dr. Joseph W. Cheu


The late Dr. Cheu was a Board-Certified Physician, Registered Pharmacist, Ph.D. in Neuro-Sciences with major research in the functions of the hypothalamus. National grand champion in Tai Chi Chuan in 1993, 1994, and 1995.

Dr. Charles Schwartz


Board-Certified Psychotherapy, Certified Social Worker. Specializing in self-actualization, motivation, addictions, and 12-step programs.

Clinical trial conducted in 1996 by Dr. Joseph Cheu, professor at the University of Medicine and Dentistry of New Jersey, assisted by Dr. Charles Schwartz.

Twenty-eight subjects were chosen to participate in a 13 week study:

Test Group

Acupressure Group

Diet Group

Acupressure + Diet Group


Six subjects were given a program of just "Accu·Beads" with no other modifications to their life style.

Six subjects were given a food protocol with no other modifications to their life style.

Sixteen subjects were provided with the total program of "Accu·Beads" food protocol and Chi Gong breathing.


Average weight loss 3 lbs.

No subject completed more than 2 weeks.

Average weight loss 46 lbs.


Accu·Beads” caused more awareness of food intake causing subjects to modify habits, contributing to their weight loss.

Weight loss without "Accu·Beads"
slowed the body’s metabolism and the subjects were literally starving.

The "Accu·Beads" appear to: Signal the hypothalamus that food satisfaction has been achieved, thus clients do not experience hunger. Signal the body that it is not calorie deficient but is getting all the basic fat, protein, and amino acids necessary.

Clients are losing mainly fat, but little muscle or organ mass.

The Chi Gong breathing appears to enhance weight loss as well as increase energy by increasing the body’s ability to use oxygen.

No medical contraindications have emerged since the program began. In fact, just the opposite has occurred. Clients and their doctors report reductions in blood pressure, cholesterol, and triglycerides, as well as improvement with other medical conditions such as diabetes.

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