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Cinnamon Milk
Warm Cinnamon MilkMilk Day
Cauliflower Hummus
Cauliflower HummusVegetable Day
Pulled Jackfruit
Pulled JackfruitVegetable Day
Butternut Squash ZigZags
Butternut Squash ZigZagsVegetable Day
Roor Beer Float
Root Beer FloatMilk Day
Chocolate Ice CreamMilk Day
Mango avocado Salsa
Mango and Avocado SalsaVegetable Day
Tomato Basil Crackers
Tomato Basil CrackersVegetable Day
Kale Fritters
Kale FrittersVegetable Day
Faux Meat Sauce
Faux “meat” sauce Vegetable Day
Banana Bread
Belle’s Banana BreadVegetable Day
Cranberry Salsa Vegetable Day
Jicama Salsa Vegetable Day
Blueberry Bell Pepper Salsa
Blueberry Bell Pepper Salsa Vegetable Day
Avocado Fennel Salsa
Avocado Fennel Salsa Vegetable Day
Strawberry Pineapple Salsa
Strawberry Pineapple SalsaVegetable Day
Palmini Lasagna
Palmini LasagnaVegetable Day
Yummy Gummies
Hydrating GummiesAny Day, Any Time
Pizza Dough
Pizza dough Vegetable Day
Roasted Okra
Roasted OkraVegetable Day
Coffee mousse
Coffee mousseAny Day, Any Time
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