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Vegetable & Fruit: Cold Dishes

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Fresh Squeezed Lemonade
Fresh Squeezed Lemonade Vegetable/Fruit Day
SushiVegetable/Fruit Day
Tomato Basil Crackers
Tomato Basil CrackersVegetable/Fruit Day
Legal “Croutons”
Legal “Croutons”Vegetable/Fruit Day
July 4th Flag
American Flag Vegetable/Fruit Day
July 4Star Salad
July 4 Star Fruit Salad Vegetable/Fruit Day
Cheri’s Sushi Roll
Cheri's Sushi Roll Vegetable/Fruit Day
Open Faced Sandwich
Cheri's Open Faced SandwichVegetable/Fruit Day
Lindas Jicama Tacos
Jicama Tacos Vegetable/Fruit Day
Dried Apple Chips
Dried Apple Chips Vegetable/Fruit Day
Dried apple chips
Apple Chips (Trista) Vegetable/Fruit Day
Apple Chips (Moped Marge)Vegetable/Fruit Day
Avocado Tart
Bess' Avocado TartVegetable/Fruit Day
Baby Bella Fajita Appetizer 2
Baby Bella Fajita AppetizerVegetable/Fruit Day
Cauliflower tabouli
Cauliflower Tabouli Vegetable/Fruit Day
“Caviar”Vegetable/Fruit Day
Crudite and dip
Crudité And DipVegetable/Fruit Day
Jicama sticks and salsa
Jicama Sticks And SalsaVegetable/Fruit Day
Kale leaf chips
Kale Leaf ChipsVegetable/Fruit Day
Plantain crisps
Plantain Crisps Vegetable/Fruit Day
Red pepper coulis
Red Pepper Coulis Vegetable/Fruit Day