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Vegetable & Fruit: Soups

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Spinach-avocado soup/puree/or dip
Spinach, Avocado Soup, Puree Or Dip Vegetable Day
Squash apple soup
Squash Apple Soup Vegetable Day
Squash soup (Mitch)
Squash Soup (Mitch)Vegetable Day
Thick and hearty root vegetable soup
Thick And Hearty Root Vegetable Soup Vegetable Day
Legal tomato soup (Gilda)
Legal Tomato Soup (Gilda) Vegetable Day
Vegetable stock
Vegetable StockVegetable Day
Vegetable stock option
Vegetable Stock OptionVegetable Day
Val's veggie soup
Val's Veggie SoupVegetable Day
Veggie soup (simple)
Veggie Soup (Simple) Vegetable Day
Watermelon gazpacho
Watermelon GazpachoVegetable Day
Winter butternut squash soup
Butternut Squash Soup Vegetable Day
Lynn’s zucchini soup
Lynn's Zucchini Soup Vegetable Day
Cold Beet Borsch (Gilda)Vegetable Day