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Milk & Yogurt: Desserts

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 Chocolate Milk Ices
Chocolate Milk IcesMilk/Yogurt Day
Soft Cheese
Soft CheeseMilk/Yogurt Day
Vanilla PannaCotta
Vanilla Panna CottaMilk/Yogurt Day
frozen yogurt
Frozen Yogurt Milk/Yogurt Day
Fruit flavored yogurt
Fruit Flavored YogurtMilk/Yogurt Day
Chocolate Chip Yogurt
Chocolate Chip YogurtMilk/Yogurt Day
Pumpkin Vanilla Cheese Cake
Pumpkin vanilla “cheese” cakeVegetable/Fruit Day
Chocolate Ice CreamMilk/Yogurt Day
Caramel Latte Dessert
Caramel Latte DessertMilk/Yogurt Day
Vanilla Yogurt
Vanilla Yogurt Milk/Yogurt Day
Jell-O Yogurt
Jell-O Yogurt Milk/Yogurt Day
Chocolate  Yogurt
Chocolate YogurtMilk/Yogurt Day
Fruit Yogurt
Fruit YogurtMilk/Yogurt Day
Cinnamon Yogurt
Cinnamon YogurtMilk/Yogurt Day
Strawberry Mouse
Strawberry Mousse Milk/Yogurt Day
Ice Cream Fun
All American Vanilla Ice Cream
(No Machine Required) Milk/Yogurt Day
Marlene’s Baked Yogurt Cheese
Marlene's Baked Yogurt CheeseMilk/Yogurt Day
Chocolate Chip Ice Cream
Keith's Mint Chocolate Chip Ice CreamMilk/Yogurt Day
Barbara’s Whipped Cream 
Whipped CreamMilk/Yogurt Day
Barbara’s Crunchy Yogurt 
Crunchy YogurtMilk/Yogurt Day
Nancys Cinnamon Yogurt
Nancy's Cinnamon YogurtMilk/Yogurt Day