Acc(u)Life is..
The same great 3 Phase Program.
Now with more choices and options to empower you
to take control of your weight and eating lifestyle.

Acc(u)Life is..
A monthly membership.
Like a gym membership, as an active member
you have access to all benefits.

Acc(u)Life Members..
Always have Acc(u)Points available.
Can switch between Phases at any time.
Have remote and in-person options.

Acc(u)Life Membership..
Includes exclusive Acc(u)Life recipes.
Includes our Private Online Community.
Auto-renews every month.
May be canceled at any time.

We are excited for you to start your Acc(u)Life journey!
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More Than 1,000,000 Pounds of Fat Lost By Over 50,000 Clients

It’s not about counting calories • It's about acupressure and body chemistry • It's about losing the fat and keeping it off

Phase 1

Acupressure suppress appetite • protect metabolism • reset weight set point
Balanced Nutrition intermittent fasting • no ketosis • gluten free
Chi Gong Breathing manage cravings • relieve stress • oxygenate the brain and body

During the weight loss phase, there are no plateaus in fat loss, because there is no metabolic change. You will burn only fat with no loss of muscle, organ mass or leaching minerals from the bones. Core food elements are fruits, vegetables, milk, yogurt and dairy alternatives. With 500+ recipes to choose from, your food options are limitless!

Phase 2

Stabilize your weight set point within 3 – 5 pounds of your final goal weight
Create your custom maintenance plan so you eat the way you want we just show you how
Identify food sensitivities by introducing other foods slowly and in an isolated manner

In 4 – 8 weeks, we create new patterns of eating with your favorite foods so you can eat what you want without gaining weight. You’ll learn to understand the difference between satisfied, full and stuffed and know when to stop eating. You’ll reconnect with your taste buds, genuinely enjoying what you eat without the guilt.

Phase 3

Maintain your weight with your own, realistic eating lifestyle
Learn what to do when you indulge and the scale creeps up
Reset your digestive system 2x each year, by following the plan for 1-2 weeks

This is a learning journey. Now you begin to apply the foundational vocabulary of body conversation and awareness. Your vocabulary will grow with time and experience and as you recognize the messages your body is actually sending. The more you understand your body conversation, the simpler maintenance becomes.

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Intermittent Fasting & Acupressure • Exercise Not Required • Real Food • Lose Fat Without Ketosis • Retain Muscle

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How and Why It Works

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Real Success

  • • Loss of significant inches
  • • Enhanced energy levels
  • • No medical side effects


Real Support

  • • In office, phone, text and online
  • • 24/7 Online Community
  • • Weekly tips from our experts


Real Food

  • • Natural food from your local store
  • • No pre-packaged food
  • • 500+ recipes to enjoy