Hi all. I've missed seeing you.

I'm happy to announce I am re-starting office hours, by appointment only, on Tuesdays and Thursdays at the CLARK office. You may book your appointment online or call me at (973) 243-0777.

Our remote option is available to those of you who cannot make it in to see me. With our Patent Pending Accu-Point Finder, putting beads on at home has never been simpler - my 9 year old granddaughter has put beads on my daughter. You can see videos of how it works here.

You also have the option to "mix and match" - come see me in Clark once or twice a month and continue in between with AccuWeight At Home.

Your success is our priority. I can't wait to see you again! - Dr. S.

Pricing at Clark Office

$60 per week; $200 for 4 consecutive weeks

$25 One-Time New Client Fee

118 Westfield Avenue
Clark, NJ 07066
@ Lubrano Family Chiropractic
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