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Weight Loss by Mail

The Accu Weight-Loss program started in the New York/New Jersey area and through our long-distance participation has now expanded across the United States as well as internationally.  To get no-obligation information, individuals can call the toll-free phone number listed below.

Clients participating by mail may find additional tools at

Clients who currently visit our office locations but are interested in switching to AccuWeight by mail may obtain more information a by clicking on this link:  Switching to mail

AccuWeight continues to claim that individuals will lose from one-half to three quarters of a pound a day on average, or a minimum of fifteen pounds a month.  Most people lose more.  As the acupressure causes the body to ignore the caloric deficiency, the body uses its own stored fat to maintain energy levels.  The further result is that individuals lose more inches than weight.

In the 11+ years AccuWeight has been in operation, patient reports have been overwhelmingly positive. The program's use of Chinese medicine is revolutionary and cannot be compared to any traditional weight-loss program.  It is not for everyone. For that reason, we provide an initial free consultation to answer any questions you may have.

When individuals start the program they are often greeted with skepticism by family and friends.  After two weeks on the program these same people are asking for the information so they too can participate.

There are no adverse medical effects from using the program.  We can speak with your personal physician if desired.

When you have reached your weight goal, you will receive a maintenance protocol that will keep you three to five pounds from your goal weight.  It will also give you back five days a week to live normally and a maximum of two days for the protocol. This maintenance protocol is without cost to all "graduates."

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