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Dr Schwartz Video Blog

If you do it again and again, will you get it right.

Midsummer guilt.

Chi Gong revisited.

Vacation Thoughts.

Ego - Weight Loss - Leadership

Path to Self Love.

Ego and Weight Loss.

Am I Worth the Time?

Take back control.

Summer "indulgence"?

What else but food leads to comfort?

The bucket list

Changing habit to ritual

Yes to myself instead of no to my needs

About Control

Say no and stay with your problem BUT live in the world of yes

Comfort alternatives.

Thoughts on control.

Conquering a fear.

Where do I fit on a scale of 1-10?

Spring forward to a happier you

Learn Self Love

How to keep your commitment

22 Celebration

Prepare for Valentines.

How to sustain your commitment.

Is AccuWeight a diet?

Reduce stress & slow ageing.

Wake up to 2019

Life affects our weight loss

Let me help you?

How to celebrate myself.

Prepare YOU for the holidays.

Do Not Engage.

Not Full..Fulfilled

Enjoy Thanksgiving.

Yup, life can be messy.

Marys' Little Lamb.

Your success.

My reawakening.

Chi Gong breathing.

Achieve your goal!

What is commitment?

Whose reality is it?

Guide for Labor day.

Self love causes weight loss.

Take your power back!

Short term pain.

Who is in control?

Do you create the negative?


Facing your truth.

You choose, you decide.

The "magic protocol".

For Summer Success.

The Magic Protocol.

Reach your goal.

Interaction helps you grow.

Women DNA Food/Comfort.

Insights from cheating.



*Avg. weight loss in study was 15.3 lbs every 30 days for those who followed the program.

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