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Follow our 3 Step Process to:

Weight set point   Enjoy your favorite foods without gaining weight
Relationship with food     Know when you've had enough and how to stop
pH balance   Reduce acid, gas and inflammation
Blood sugar   Stop craving sweets
Digestive System   Naturally clean the colon improving digestive health
Taste buds   Food will taste better

AND lose 15+ lbs of body fat in just 30 days

No Required Exercise No Pre-Packaged Food No Medication
No Diet Supplements No Surgery No Hormones

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suppress appetite • protect metabolism • reset weight set point

The AccuWeight™ proprietary algorithm is used to determine your unique Accu•Point™ pattern. Weekly, Accu•Beads™ are placed behind your ear and, when massaged, signal your hypothalamus to:

  • • suppress appetite in your brain, rather than your stomach
  • • protect metabolism by blocking your brain from counting calories so there is no physiologic starvation mode
  • • reset weight set point (your “body thermostat”) supporting long-term maintenance success.

It is critical that Accu•Beads™ are changed to the active Accu•Point™ weekly, to ensure loss of only body fat (not muscle) and no physiologic starvation mode. Always make sure to work with a trained professional.
AccuWeight™ Online clients are provided with our new Patent Pending Accu•Point Finder™ and instructional videos to ensure proper placement of Accu•Beads™ at home, at work and anywhere.

Balanced Nutrition

intermittent fasting • no ketosis • gluten free

AccuWeight™ utilizes a combination of Intermittent Fasting based on the Circadian Rhythm and simple, all natural, balanced nutrition to ensure:

  • • Maximum fat loss
  • • No physiologic starvation mode
  • • No change to metabolic function
  • • No plateaus in fat loss
  • • High energy
  • • No ketosis
  • • No negative medical side effects
  • • Simplicity

During the weight loss phase, core food elements are fruits, vegetables, milk, yogurt and dairy alternatives. The temporary lifestyle change results in fast, healthy fat loss. During AccuWeight™ Stabilization (Phase 2), your weight is stabilized while we implement your custom maintenance plan through personalized one-on-one consultations with an AccuWeight™ Team Member.

Chi Gong Breathing

manage cravings • relieve stress • oxygenate the brain and body

Chi: The vital energy found in all things.
Gong: The practice and method to cultivate the Chi.
One specific Chi Gong breathing exercise has been incorporated into the AccuWeight™ Program for the aerobic and calming benefits. This increases oxygen flow in the body to:

  • • reduce food cravings
  • • increase energy
  • • improve memory and focus
  • • reduce stress

Chi Gong breathing has cumulative effect, so the more often and consistently you do it, the more benefit you get! Dr. Schwartz demontrates Chi Gong Breathing

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