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It really works!
I was able to lose all the fat I needed in one month.

I started AW when I was 54. I have been going through menopause since I was 49. At which time I weighed 145 lbs. Everyone told me that due to menopause I wouldn't lose weight. Some members of my family and friends would blame their menopause for their weight gain. I was determined to fight that myth. Through I friend I heard about AW and decided to give it a go. In 6 weeks I lost 30 lbs and the fat. I went from a size 14 to a size 4. It felt so good and I felt strong and toned. I felt and looked much younger and felt confident.

It really works. I won’t kid you it is very hard and not for everyone. But I was able to lose all the fat I needed to in one month. Truly an amazing but hard program. A great test to one’s will and determination and mental attitude. The support system is phenomenal. Always answers questions and the Facebook Secret Group very supportive and inspiring. Thank you AccuWeight.


The support system is phenomenal
very supportive and inspiring.


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