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Dr. Joseph W. Cheu


The late Dr. Cheu was a Board-Certified Physician, Registered Pharmacist, Ph.D. in Neuro-Sciences with major research in the functions of the hypothalamus. National grand champion in Tai Chi Chuan in 1993, 1994, and 1995.

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Barbara Schwartz


For 13 years, Barbara Schwartz has been AccuWeight’s lead Consultant.

She is now the proud owner, CEO and President of Accu Weight-Loss. One of her greatest accomplishments is the hands-on development of propriety software and algorithms that have made AccuWeight the only company to offer this type of weight loss program by mail.
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How does the Accu Weight-loss Program work?

Accu Weight-Loss “The Bead Diet” is a revolutionary 3 Phase System providing you a means for fast, healthy, sustainable weight loss. Phase 1, Weight Loss, incorporates three scientific elements:
suppress appetite • protect metabolism • reset weight set point
Balanced Nutrition
intermittent fasting • no ketosis • gluten free
Chi Gong Breathing
manage cravings • relieve stress • oxygenate the brain and body

Clinical Trial

The combination of these three elements ensures that, while using the Accu Weight-Loss System, the body does not go into starvation mode. You will burn only fat with no loss of muscle, organ mass or leaching minerals from the bones. There are no metabolic changes while on program and, therefore, no plateaus in fat loss during the weight loss phase. Clinical Trial

When you reach your weight loss goal, during Phase 2, Stabilization, you will work one-on-one with an Accu Weight-Loss Consultant to create your own personalized maintenance program to ensure sustainability and long-term success for Phase 3, Maintenance.

There are 12 Accu-Points on the head behind the ear. Only one Accu-Point is active at any time. The pattern of use of the Accu-Points is unique to the individual and is determined by the use of a proprietary mathematical formula. Regularly massaging the active Accu-Point with Accu-Beads:
1. Suppresses the appetite
2. Tricks the brain to the reduction of calories so there is no starvation mode
3. Allows the weight set point to be lowered while on program facilitating long-term maintenance

Clients follow a temporary strict vegetarian diet alternating “milk and yogurt days” and “fruit and vegetable days.” This provides necessary nutrition in minimal amounts, allowing the body to turn to the sugar in the fat cells for energy. The diet allows the body to detoxify – balance blood sugar, alkalize the body and clear the intestines. There are 3 types of allowable recipes (we currently offer over 500 recipe ideas):
1. Milk and yogurt recipes
2. Fruit and vegetable recipes
3. Recipes for use any day, any time

Chi Gong Breathing An enhancement to the program, the Chi Gong Breathing exercise is used as a systemic stress reliever and tool to push away cravings and urges. The Chi Gong has a cumulative effect:
1. Oxygenating the body, providing a calming effect for the nervous system
2. Expanding lung capacity, preparing the lungs for future physical activity / exercise
3. It’s meditative and is used as part of the process to successfully distract from cravings

AccuWeight works at any age, with any medical condition. We focus on ages 16 and up; we do not work with women who are pregnant or breast feeding.

We require all new participants to attend orientation and training to ensure a proper understanding of how the program works thereby ensuring total health while on program. To participate in the orientation via Web Link go to: Free Orientation and start by listening to our free orientation.

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