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Anytime Recipes: Mocktails

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Butterbeer (Kate)
Butterbeer (Kate)Any Day, Any Time
Carolís shirley temple
Carol's Shirley TempleAny Day, Any Time
Crystal Light Appletini
Crystal Light AppletiniAny Day, Any Time
Dr. Sí cherry lime rickey
Dr. S. Cherry Lime RickeyAny Day, Any Time
Mango mint passion
Mango Mint PassionAny Day, Any Time
Pomegranate paradise
Pomegranate ParadiseAny Day, Any Time
St. Patrick's Day SodaAny Day, Any Time
Strawberry cooler
Strawberry CoolerAny Day, Any Time
Virgin Peach Bellini
Virgin Peach BelliniAny Day, Any Time

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"After years of trying literally every single possible diet, appetite suppressant, etc. I love Dr Schwartz’s video broadcasts, the delicious recipes, and the holistic element of the Accuweight program."

Cece S.
Miami, FL

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