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My Personal Story

Lost 19 lbs

                                 Louise E., Littleton, NC



"Before AccuWeight I was diagnosed as pre-diabetic and none of my clothes fit properly. I tried a few other weight loss programs, after struggling and suffering for weeks, following the plans religiously I would have lost a pound or gained a pound. It was disappointing and frustrating.

I was most surprised and pleased about the rapid and healthy weight loss. AccuWeight Loss guaranteed a 15 pound loss if I followed the guidelines of the program. I lost the fifteen pounds in one month as the program promised. The next month I entered the AccuWeight Transition Program and lost an additional four pounds while adding foods back into my diet. The support of my AccuWeight Counselors (Fran and Fern) was most beneficial to my continued progress in the program.

Upon completing the Transition Program I entered the Maintenance Program and continue to maintain my desired weight. I greatly appreciate my support counselor frequently emailing to follow up my progress. In addition due to the weight loss and healthier diet I am no longer pre-diabetic."



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