And here we are again. It's spring. Major holidays have passed. We're looking forward to summer. Weight loss comes to the forefront and what I'd like to talk to you about is you and saboteurs.

In World War two the word saboteur was a huge word. They were people in normal life who lived in the shadows and caused trouble to the enemy and here in the States they were people we looked for who would cause damage if they could to us here.

In weight loss they are people, generally speaking, who are close to us and yet act and behave in certain manner that cause us anxiety, pain, questioning of ourselves, all in a rather subtle kind of way so that sometimes we're not even aware of the fact that someone is trying to scuttle our progress. The key to dealing with anything regarding weight loss is to be centered, to be clear in your own mind that you want to lose weight because the losing of the weight will make you feel good and the recognition that you're going to have to make some decisions which you would otherwise not make except for the fact that those decisions would aid you in losing weight.

Many of you keep your weight loss program secret and the interesting thing is that most of that is really unnecessary because, except for the very few, once I look at you and you look at yourself, we both know that you're overweight and therefore if you've chosen to lose weight it's because you're overweight. There is no secret yet many of us judge ourselves and our worthiness in a negative light because we have gained the weight that makes us vulnerable to the outside.

What do we do? Number one: accept the fact that you made a decision that if you fulfil the results of that decision you're going to feel good. Recognize that every single person who criticizes you is criticizing you because of the fact that you're losing weight is in some way affecting them. It has nothing to do with your weight loss. It has to do with how your weight loss affects them.

One of the things that is clear to be in many situations are people who belong to a group don't recognize that the group has a pecking order and the people who choose to lose weight in that group are upsetting the pecking order. People sit in the same place. They go to the same eateries. They see the same kinds of movies. They like the things that friends like and when you alter that by going on a program it affects them, that makes them uncomfortable and they choose to sabotage what it is that you're doing because they don't want the order of things to change.

People either like you or they don't. People either respect you or they don't. Do you respect yourself? Do you care about yourself? Well, if you've chosen to lose weight you're saying I care about myself and once you say I care about myself and I want to lose weight, you've taken on the responsibility of changing your behaviours to get what it is that you want.

How can you change your behaviours without changing the dynamics of the environment in which you live? Changing the dynamics you're not forcing anyone to eat, you're not forcing anyone to drink, you're not forcing anyone to do anything but you are letting them see that you're behaving differently and that behaviour change impacts on them.

Here's the thing then: If your behaviour that you've adopted to lose weight is bringing criticism on you ask several questions: Number one: When the criticism is about the program itself and what it is that you're doing and any health aspect. Ask yourself this: Do people or person making the criticism know what they're talking about? Do they understand the program? Do they understand that this is not a diet? The odds are they don't and therefore if they don't how valid is the criticism and also are they criticizing you because you're changing the status quo? If they respect you, if they care about you then they're going to be supportive of you. If they don't respect you, if they don't care about you then number one is understandable that they're criticizing you but number two it makes even more sense because they don't want you to do what you're doing because it affects them.

Step up to the plate. Start loving yourself and respecting yourself and recognize that a saboteur cannot negatively impact on you unless you accept what they're saying which is you don't measure up and if you believe that you don't measure up.

Sit down have a great talk with yourself and recognizing you've got what it takes. Thanks for listening.

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