Hello everybody,


Thank you for again inviting me in to share with you. What I'd like to talk about today is an interesting word it's called resistance. There is no need to discuss the Accu Weight-loss program, you know it works,  you know that when I promise you every 30 days a minimum of 15 pounds, only fat, in total health, that that promise is fulfilled or I wouldn't be in business going on 21 years.  Therefor those of you who do not on a regular basis achieve the level of success that you would like are having a psychological issue.



Now what I want you to do is sit back and realize that regardless of how old you are, that lifetime has built up certain behaviours and habits. When you join Accu Weight-loss we remove the thinking. Two days milk, two days fruits and vegetables, massage your beads, drink your water, you lose the weight. Not complicated. Something that is rigid because it doesn't change and so you need to agree that I am going to follow that regimen. Saying you're going to follow the regimen and following it is a different story.



I had a woman in today who said Dr. Schwartz from Monday to Thursday I did marvellously well. Friday I went to visit my grandmother and aunt who live together and I got there, they wanted to go out to eat, I blew it and I said what do you mean by blew it? Well if you'll look at my sheet I've only lost one pound this week and I said to her: think about it differently in spite of the fact that you weren't totally faithful to the program you exercised enough control to lose a pound had you not been on the program the odds are you would have gained. Don't you see that as a victory? Answer was:  No, I should have been able to do what you've told me to do and I did it from Monday to Thursday and then I didn't do it. Was it worth it? No it wasn't worth it but I didn't want to disappoint my grandmother and my aunt and I said tell me how would you be disappointing them? You just told me you went out to eat; they didn't cook for you so the whole element of rejecting what they were doing for you was not there. Well they might have said I'm not taking care of myself because I'm not eating, they might have, they might have, they might have and all of that is true they might have but point number one is we'll never know because you resisted. You resisted saying to them I love you, I'm so happy to be out in a restaurant with you and that's why I took time off to be here. I miss you, I'm glad I'm sitting here with you but I'm not going to be eating what you're eating, I'm going to be eating when I choose to eat and I want to enjoy the company. Oh I couldn't do that.



Now the rationale behind it is irrelevant, the only important thing is let's be the adult that we can be. There is nothing about what you were doing that's bad or wrong or inappropriate you're doing something for yourself, you want to lose weight. Whatever reasons people have find out about them but never argue. Talk about how you're learning to take care of yourself and love yourself and try to focus on the fact that your resistance is a form of self-protection. You don't need to be protected; you do all kinds of wonderful things in your world. People have reactions to what we do but people have power only if we give it to them and when we give them our power we don't really feel good. Now why would people who love you want to take your power if they love you back? The only reason it happens in the vast majority of situations is they're concerned, they're confused, they have no full information, they want to take care of you and if you step up to the plate and say: Hi I love you, I've been doing this and it works for me and I feel so good. Let's enjoy our time together.



Great things will happen.


Thank you for listening, stop resisting.


Take care.

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