Hi all.

Here we are again together and as I start I want to talk to you about Rosa who I've been talking about for quite a while. As of last week Rosa has lost 154 pounds. She looks amazing and what I'm preparing you for is that Rosa has given me pre and post pictures and a short synopsis of her journey and I want you to look forward to reading it because it's not only inspirational but just a few moments ago I looked at Rosa's post program picture and all I could do was kind of sit back and smile and say how wonderful.

Now I'd like to talk about weight loss and the psychological aspects of weight loss that intrude and interfere with us reaching our goals. What you need to understand is that all of us are psychological beings and that we're impacted by feelings and those feelings have a great deal to do with how we behave. I created the Accu Weight-loss magic protocol in order to bypass those emotions because if you bypass them they do not interfere with your moving towards your goal but I noticed something very interesting. First a little thinking, when you put the destination into a GPS two things happen: one the machine accepts it and two the machine is now obligated, it's under your control and the machine must do what you want it to do and that is to take you to your destination. The problem that I find is very interesting. You buy a ticket to Miami, you get on the plane, you sit down, the doors have not closed yet. You get a telephone call which says and it's an evening flight, there are going to be marvellous fireworks over some place in Maryland and so you get up and you knock on the door and say to the pilot: We're going to Miami, why don't we go to Miami can you fly over Baltimore Maryland so that we can see the fireworks? This is where in the problem with the magic protocol develops. If you accept that you've taken control and told the GPS what your destination is then if you simply follow the directions it will take you to where you want to go.

The magic protocol is exactly the same. If you admit that you want to cheat, if you do the three Chi-Gong breaths and think about the fact that you're doing it for yourself and then you include your child-self in substituting the candy for the cheat then you will arrive at your destination but what I'm finding is not only do you want to achieve destination but for some reason or other you insist that the machine do it the way you want to do it. You've done that many times, it almost never works. You have a methodology that is guaranteed 100% to work.

Let the rule of 21 become part of the process. If you do the magic protocol unvaryingly for 21 consecutive days it will become a habit. It will become a habit that you control. It will become a habit that takes you to your goal and you have no idea how great I felt looking at Rosa's picture with her husband smiling happy.

Thank you all. Talk to you soon.

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