Hi all.

You've heard me talking recently about the Accu Weight-loss magic protocol and what I'd like to share with you today are experiences that patients have shared with me and a lot of that came from the fact that back a while ago I told you that I was doing a two week detox, did the magic protocol and felt so incredibly happy with myself even though I was emotionally distraught that I didn't participate because the activity that I went to they were all finger foods, hors d'oeuvres, stuff that I really look forward to but they would have ruined my two week detox. The emotional questions that arise have more to do with other people then they have to do with the activity in and of itself.

All of us are adults. All of us can make our own decisions yet when it comes to food and activities with other people we feel uncomfortable. We are secretive. We don't share pieces of information that might be good for everyone. We hide, we sneak and we do things that after the event is over we don't feel good about. Add that to the fact that the magic protocol is kept in your pocket and it doesn't give you the edge that you need is simply an added piece that's not healthy.

Here's the key: it's hard to believe but unless it affects someone else in a very personal way nobody really cares whether you eat or do not eat only if they are going to lose something or gain something having nothing to do with you will it matter or count. I have been to many and so have you. You'll notice only when attention is brought to it that involves other people are comments made. The reason is once you bring them in their involved and when they are involved their own choices or their thought that you may know what they are thinking or choosing becomes relevant it becomes personal and they tend to be critical to show up the fact that they are pristine. I don't want to show you that I have a weakness. If you involve people by saying to them you know I'm in the process of losing weight, not really happy about it, this event is causing me to have a conflict so therefore I'm going to be very careful about what it is that I do and I hope you support me in this so that I can finish my journey of weight loss and really feel good about it.

Thanks for your support and I appreciate it. Take care.

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