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Hi all,

I struggle some weeks in deciding what I should be sharing with you. Communication is an extremely valuable and powerful tool. When people communicate things get done. When people have difficulty communicating or when issues arise that confound and confuse communication it's rare that things get better.

Weight loss is a problem and as I started to think of weight loss as a problem another thought poked into my mind and I stopped for a moment. The thought I had was how boring life would be if there were no problems and as I thought about it I noticed I began to worry and I realized that the reason I was worrying is because of the fear of the unknown, thoughts of bad consequences and I realized I could go round and round and round in circles and never come to conclusions whatsoever.

So the thought came to me about a word that I joke with often the word is why and my answer in a kind of sarcastic way is why the answer is because and because the answer is why and you can go round and round in circles like that and the thought then hit me: What happens if I actually took the word why seriously? Why do I want to lose weight? You know folks I actually got excited because when I seriously started to ask why and answer the question because it would make me feel good to understand the why of the thing in itself, it began to energize me. I wanted to lose weight because I could sense how good it would make me feel. I went even further not only would it make me feel good but I would share it with other people. That is the good feelings and I guess that by sharing the good feelings it would impact on my relationships with people. All of which turned out to be true and then I thought of my Monday night video where one of our members asked why could we not meet together and have a group session? Powerful. The answer to why was from my point of view the amount of time and energy that I would put in meeting with a group was taking me back from where I wanted to be on the other hand having a group which was large where we could interact, where we could share ideas, where we could solve problems, that really appealed to me. So my answer in having a group is we can grow and learn together and I was very disappointed because since that video not one person has asked me any questions, has posed any solutions, has commented or invested any time and energy in communicating with me and saying: hey Dr. S. where do we go from here?

So here is my question to any and all of you: Why is it that if we work together our successes will multiply, our feelings will become more positive, our goals will become more achievable. Why is it that no one reached out to me? Is it because I'm so formidable that no one wants to talk to me? Is it that you feel that group interaction will not be valuable? What is it?

On a one-to-one I find in the office real positives. I just had one before I sat down to do this video with a woman who had not been here for at least five years. We talked about why she was coming back, we talked about what she expected to achieve, we talked about her fear that she will not stay focused. These are all real and positive things and there were more. We talked about them there was no tension, there was no anxiety, there were no demands in fact I said to her how do you want to do this? At first she was kind of vague and I could see she had not thought it through but when I prompted her she began to come up with thoughts and ideas for herself and her excitement grew.

I'm asking you to do the same. Pose questions as to why. Why is weight loss so difficult? We're eating food, we love food all we have to do is pick and choose and we can lose weight. So here is the question for you: What is it that I need to do to stimulate some of you to create a group where we would state problems, look for solutions and answers and grow them closer to other things so that our capacity to lose weight is much more successful.

Once again email me All questions, all topics are acceptable. Take care.

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