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Hi all.

I thought today I talk about some feedback I've had from people that was very confusing to me. A number of people have said to me either directly or through others that I was too intense and intimidating. I know I'm passionate, I know that I speak emotionally and I know that I'm excited but in reflection I was confused. You see I'm dr. Schwartz I'm not your friend, I'm not your parent I'm not your conscience. I'm here as your information source and guide to lead you through the forest to point out to you all of the dangers and to help you make the choices to achieve your goal. If you see me as an authoritarian then I haven't done my job and one of the reasons that I haven't done my job is that those of you who feel that way have been unable to say to me: “hey I'm not really hearing you because I feel intimidated” with that said I want to go on and bring you back to the magic protocol.

The reason it's been very confusing to me to find that many of you have bought the candies, have them available and don't use it. I feel that the issue is the child who lives inside you so I want to go over that. A brilliant physician and psychoanalyst by the name of Sigmund Freud postulated that basic personality and character are formed by age five. There was a child who lives inside you, that child is only five years old and that child behaves as a five year old because that's all the child knows. It wants you to be happy and when you are emotional stressed, upset, bored, angry that child is unable to fulfil its responsibilities because the only reason it exists is to bring fun and joy into your life and because it's a child the moment you satisfy its need it's done. The child is happy. When you go off the program the child within you has achieved its goal. You have given in to that child and let's recognize something very simply admit that you want whatever it is that child desired as much as that child desire regardless of what it is off the program you wanted it because if you have it it'll momentarily satisfy your desire you know it doesn't last because you're an adult and so there are consequences. The child is only five years old, it achieved its goal but it doesn't recognize the consequences because it's only a child. So what's the bottom line? If you give in to the child within you you're not going to reach your goal. If that child runs the roost then what you're looking for fades into the distance.

The Magic protocol never fails and the reason it never fails is because we have removed all of the emotionality. It's very, very simple. You admit that you want to cheat, it's the truth you want it. You do the Chi-Gong breathing because it helps you recognize that you're the adult and you are in control because you would not be doing the Chi-Gong breathing unless the adult in you said let's do it and when you put the candy in your mouth and admit it's a less acceptable substitute and where it is substitute that you want that cheat but you want your goal more and that's why you're using the candy because the instant you put it in your mouth two things happen: One you are unable to stray from the program, it's impossible. Yes you give up control because even if you wanted to, now you couldn't cheat but in the exact same instant you get back what you wanted which was a step closer to your goal.

Control the child within you, love it, embrace it, all the fun and joy is embodied in that child but it's a child and if you let a child go out of control it usually causes problems.

Good talking to you. Talk to you soon.

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