Hi all.

Thank you for once again inviting me into your life. What I want to talk about today is not the Accu Weight-loss program and reason not the Accu Weight-loss program because it works there is no question about that.

So when people want to be successful they can use a diet, the reason for Accu Weight-loss is because we deep down understand that we have to go further. Just controlling what you eat, when you eat is certainly important but what goes in to controlling what you eat and when you eat is at least as important.

All of us are made of many different personalities and we've created these personalities because in different situations we've come to believe that those personalities work for us. Each of them is a part of us but all of them together make up what we are.

When I speak to patients in the office I often get different versions of the same story. I spoke to myself, I thought it seemed to be and more often than not what is missing is that there is alienation between the different cells and therefore we handle certain problems piecemeal instead of dealing with them in a straightforward manner. I need to point out to you that the more we do certain things the easier it gets to do them. I also need to point out that various aspects of your personality cause you to resist doing things that other parts of your personality don't necessarily feel comfortable with. Now there is an adult-self, there is a child-self. Those are two parts of the self. They act very differently but their basic internal need is the same.

I was talking yesterday with a patient about some pictures that I had found from years ago of a young woman who was a senior in high school, exceptionally good student, extremely overweight. She and her mother came to me and asked could I help her lose weight. Over a six-month period of time there was an incredible and amazing transformation. This was a young lady as I mentioned who would be going on to college; she was a senior in high school. She was such a good student that every local college accepted her but she wanted to go to a school like an Ivy League school and with every interview she have had she was not accepted. The interview made the difference and overrode her scores. To make a short story long: She lost a tremendous amount of weight. She went from someone overweight to someone with a very nice body and one additional piece: she liked looking in the mirror, she liked the reflection that came back and she was able to inject her new found liking of herself into the interviews for college and remember I told you she was a terrific student. She got a full ride after the change from obese to normal. What am I saying? How she felt about herself carried over into other aspects of her life.

There's another tiny little piece but an incredibly powerful and important one, it's something I've been trying to share with you but until I found these pictures I had forgotten about this young woman. During the process of weight loss one of the things that she and I were talking about was actually verbalizing to herself when she was confronted with resistances related to the weight loss and the process that we here at Accu Weight-loss use. The more she verbalized, the easier it was to verbalize. The more easy it became to verbalize the broader the conversation. What happened was the more she spoke to herself, the more she enjoyed speaking to herself and when I helped her also answer her own questions using different parts of her personality, the ability to do so changed, it became easier, she became happier with herself.

What am I saying to you? For weeks we've been talking about the magic protocol: admit, breathe, substitute. Now in phase one and phase two: admit and substitute. I've asked you to say out loud: I admit that I really want to cheat and that's not a joke, I really want to cheat. Step two was the breathing which gives distance which stops, which relaxes you but it leads us to step number three: Taking the substitute and saying/verbalizing: the cheat I have in mind is not something that I take lightly but I know if I have that cheat I'm only going to be happy for a short while. So I'm going to put off having that cheat and use the candy substitute. It's not nearly as good as the cheat but it's effective, it stops me and it makes me feel happy that I'm stopped. That I put a candy which has almost no calories but tastes decent, substituting for that cheat and each time I do so I take back and own another part of myself.

Start verbalizing. Start verbalizing first with yourself and then take the next step verbalize with yourself in front of a mirror and then step 3 get used to doing that and listen to the conversation and edit the conversation when you're not saying what you really want to say. 

You verbalize. You make yourself important. You love yourself and Accu Weight-loss is an absolutely successful breeze. Thanks for listening.

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